1 . Safety instructions when hiring goods.

  1. a) You must make sure that everyone who uses the goods, is properly instructed on how to use them safely and correctly, and that they have all the instructions we have supplied. You must make sure the goods are not misused.
  2. b) You must ensure everyone using the goods is in a sound healthy and fit state or have the permission of their doctor where appropriate. Users should not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    Supervision should be provided where appropriate. Please make sure jewelry is not going to harm the hot tub in any way. People with long hair are advised to keep it tied up.
    Children of any age are to be supervised at all times and not to spend long sustained periods in the hot tub advised to use short periods at a time.
    People with sensitivity to chlorine should check with their doctor before using the hot tub also including young children. §
  3. Your responsibility when hiring goods.
  4. a) You must assist us in the delivery and collection at your location. You or your agent must give us clear instructions, and take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of our people. We accept no responsibility for any damage or injuries caused.
  5. b) You become responsible for the goods when you, or your agent, receive them and sign the disclaimer.
  6. c) If the goods are delivered to you this will be when your responsibility starts. Your responsibilities include protecting the goods and keeping them safe from weather, theft, vandalism or improper use.
  7. e) Your responsibility does not end until the goods have been returned or collected and we are able to give you a receipt for them. You must not sell or in any way give up control of the goods.
  8. f) You will be responsible for any death, injury, loss or damage caused by the goods being misused while they are hired to you.
  9. g) The hired goods must not be moved from the original location that we have installed in.
  10. Electrical goods.
  11. a) If any part of the goods is electrical, it should be used with the original plugs and sockets fitted to it. You must make sure you have a suitable supply of electricity and it must be close proximity. Two separate sockets are required for a Hot Tub, One to run the hot tub and one for the lights.
  12. b) Never use electrical goods that are not earthed correctly unless the goods are double insulated.
  13. c) If you need to fit other suitable plugs and sockets to the goods, this must be carried out by a competent person who must also return the goods to their original condition.
  14. d) You must keep to all regulations which apply, including the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, while you are responsible for the goods.
  15. Maintaining hired goods, breakdown procedures and reporting accidents:
  16. a) You must make sure the goods remain safe, clean and in working order. Routine maintenance is the responsibility of the hirer. Damage caused to the goods through lack of maintenance will be charged to the hirer.
  17. b) If the goods break down or are not working properly you must report this to us immediately. You must not use the goods or repair them unless we have agreed otherwise. Our phone number is 07530854321, if you do not get an answer please text us with your issue and we will get back as soon as possible.
  18. c) You must take all necessary steps to make the goods safe and to protect them against theft or damage.
  19. d) You must tell us immediately if the goods are involved in any accident resulting in damage to the goods or to other property, or injury to any person.
  20. Limits of our liability:

a)All the times and dates we quote for delivering or collecting the goods are approximate. b)We will not liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

c) If the goods break down or stop working, we will determine the problem as soon as possible, after you have reported it to us, and then try to replace them or repair the fault as soon as reasonably possible.

d)We will not be liable for any injury or damage caused to your property.

e)If you hire or buy the goods for use in a business, we will not be liable for any indirect loss or any loss of business or profits, savings you expect to make, wages, fees or expenses caused by the goods or any part of them breaking down or stopping working properly.


  1. Insurance; payment for hired goods, stolen or damaged.

a)You must pay to us the cost of replacing any goods, which are lost or stolen or damaged beyond economic repair. If this were to arise Soiree Spas will invoice the responsible person for any costs incurred to restore the rented goods to their original condition.

b)You should insure the goods for the replacement cost. If you receive any money as settlement of any claim relating to the damage or loss or theft of the goods, you must hold that money separately in trust for us and pay it to us when we ask you to. You must not negotiate any claim without our permission.

c)Lost, stolen, damaged or unclean hired goods.

d)You are responsible for looking after the goods and returning them to us in good working order.

e)You must pay us any reasonable costs of repairing or cleaning the goods if you return them damaged or unclean.

  1. Access

a)We may enter any land or premises where we reasonably believe the goods are.

b)We may do this at reasonable times and after giving reasonable notice. We can only have access if we need to inspect, test, repair, service, replace or repossess the goods.

I agreed and Understand all the above Terms and Conditions from Hunsbury Hot Tubs, My name below is my consent to being instructed to a satisfactory standard and my full understanding of:

  1. Soiree Spas Disclaimer/ Terms and Conditions
    2. DOC1 Chemical Instructions
    3. DOC2 Faults and Frequently asked questions.

I have been left with all paperwork outlining points 1‐3 (above) before handing the signed part below, back to a Soiree Spas member of staff.


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