Safety First

As mentioned within our hygiene section we maintain high standards of hygiene on all our rental products. This is to ensure that no injuries or sickness occurs in relation to our service. We do everything possible, but the individual that hires from us is responsible for all other parties that enter the product during the rental.
Certain codes, for example, showering before and after spa use or removing shoes before entering the inflatables, should always be adhered to. This information is all held within the disclaimer.

Extension cables will always be provided by ourselves, these are of high quality and made to match the products we hire. All plugs are surge protected and RCD Circuit breakers used where required.
Where necessary we will use rubber cable trunking to reduce tripping hazards on all cables. All our hot tubs include a built in RCD circuit breaker to ensure there are no power surges on your home electrics.
All equipment has been PAT tested by a qualified electrician and is suitable for the rental purpose.
All connections will be housed within waterproof casings of boxes to ensure no moisture gets in and causes a power shortage.

With every hot tub we provide a secure floored and walled gazebo, this provides shelter, privacy, and protection to both you and the rental equipment. As we are based in Northern Ireland and our weather can be unpredictable, we must ensure that the gazebo is securely anchored to the ground before we can leave the rental unattended. We have various methods of achieving this and what we use is dependent on the location.

Ideally, we prefer to anchor the gazebo to the ground, this requires the drilling of four holes in either tarmac, concrete or paving to hold either the feet or tie down ratchet straps to hold the frame down. When we collect the rental we fill in the holes with silicon and use a colour to match the surface
If the installation is on grass we use screw in pegs which in reverse screw out leaving minimal trace. We also use weights within the gazebo for stability.

For both inflatables and Hot Tubs, anchoring is MANDATORY. We cannot leave a rental product with you overnight or longer without knowing that the weather will not transport it somewhere else. This is peace of mind for both the customer and ourselves.

Each and every customer will be given a brief but thorough amount of training and information for the product they are hiring from us. This will include a walk through of the products functions, safety information and procedures and also will have to sign a disclaimer to confirm he/she understands the responsibility of the hire.
When a customer hires goods they are also accepting full responsibility for how the products are used. If any damages are sustained during the rental, the customer who hired the goods will be responsible for any repair or replacement costs.

We have fully insured for Products/Public Liability for all our hire equipment. Insurers details are always found at the very beginning of the disclaimer signed by the customer. We use specialist insurers which are specific to the products we supply. This is very important and something we noticed some local “companies” do not offer information about. Again it is peace of mind for both the customer and ourselves though we hope we never need to use it.

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