Product Cleaning

After each and every rental our hot tubs are cleaned using specialized spa cleaning products, not only does this ensure and clean and hygienic experience for every customer but it also helps keep our products in optimum condition.
When collected the tub is returned to base, inflated and then washed with special spa soap to degrease and cleanse the liner of the tub.
The same process is then used on the outer linings and tub lid before all items are air dried before being packed away.

Water Treatment

Although some hirers do not see the need to treat the water for a 3 day hire our research has shown us that by treating the water we can provide safer service whilst also prolonging the life of our equipment.
As our water is delivered above 30 degrees it allows us to test the water once the tub is filled. When tested we can then decide what parts of the water need to be treated to ensure clear and clean water throughout your rental.

First of all, we check the pH level of your water, this varies in different areas. Then we use pH minus or pH plus to bring your water to the appropriate levels for bathing.
We then check the alkalinity of your water and if necessary this can be adjusted to the optimum level by use of a specialized chemical.
Next, we add bromine. We use this as opposed to chlorine, although more expensive to buy, Bromine has various advantages over chlorine.
Once chlorine kills the bacteria, it is then gone, and more needs to be added later on to keep the levels of cleanliness up. Bromine, on the other hand, acts differently, unlike chlorine it is very stable in hot water, and able work much better.  It is also much less irritable on people’s skin than chlorine.
When you put bromine in the water, it will work for many hours, killing germs and bacteria, though when its all used up, it lies dormant, sleeping, until you add a little bit of non-chlorine shock to wake it up and get it working again. Usually, the bromine is added by us in the form of a bromine tablet in the dispenser, it should be left in whenever the tub is not in use.
Next, we then “shock” the spa water using a non-chlorine shock and turn all jets in for 10-20 minutes to disperse the mixture and get the chemicals working. After this, the lid will be attached and the spa will be left to filter through before being used.
As we use a non-chlorine shock, this means that the water will be ready for bathing within an hour.We also provide pre-measured amounts chemicals such as anti-foaming agent, water clarifier and enough non-chlorine shock to ensure clear water throughout your rental. Full instructions will be provided to the customer upon installation and chemicals must be stored in a cool dry place out of reach from children.

Pre Installation Disinfectant
Although all tubs will arrive at the destination clean we always disinfect the inner lining before filling using an anti-bacterial spray. This ensures cleaning of anything which may have been carried during inflation and installation.

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